Our highly skilled team will take care of your every need 24 hours a day. Your standards and expectations will be met by our experience, passion, and discretion. We make sure that your stay reaches the best possible outcome.


The management behind THE BALANCE ensuring your success

Michelle C. Bastiansen

Operations Director

Álvaro Mc-Crory

Hospitality Director


Our highly skilled and renowned therapists

David Cornwell

Clinical Psychologist

Saray Monzón

Clinical Psychologist

Eugenio Burzaco

Clinical Psychologist

Medical Doctors & Nutrition

An expert integrative medical team to help you reach your optimal health

Body Therapists

Specialists that will help your body find it’s optimal state

Susanne Schwarz

CranioSacral Therapy & Massage Therapist

David Cornwell

Somatic Therapist

Steffi Huss


Mar Pascual

Body Therapist

Complementary Therapists

Therapists with different techniques that help your body and mind

Carla Martin

Art Therapy and Ceramics

Tamara Scholz

Equine Assisted Therapy

Olga Manzanaro

Art Therapy

Maximiliano Mascritelli

Music Therapy

Trudi Murray

Scent Creation

Jim Cigan

Mindful Golf

Belén Martí Lluch

Flamenco dance teacher

Personal Managers

The companions that take care of you 24/7

Jacobo Rengifo Cavestany

Personal Manager

Patricia Calvé

Personal Manager

Steffi Huss

Personal Manager Support

Aidan Prendeville

Personal Manager

Paula Nash

Personal Manager

Zak Williamson

Personal Manager

Client Relations

The team that helps you take the next step towards a balanced and fulfilling life.

Cynthia Nakhle

Client Relations

Muriel Abou Rizk

Client Relations Support


Unmatched hospitality service that brings the spirit of comfort

Carina Fresti

Hospitality Coordinator

Davina Artilnaran


Manuel Lacasa

Private Chauffeur

Hector De Luis

Private Chauffeur

Karima Lahroudy


Luna Bendix


Private Chefs

Professional private chefs that make food healing and enjoyable experience

Gustavo Carmona

Private Chef

Adriana Moreno

Private Chef

Barbara Mc-Crory

Private Chef

Jose Camacho

Private Chef

Maria Salinas

Private Chef

Operations & Experience

The team that will connect you to THE BALANCE as smoothly as possible

Reine Rached

Clinical Support

Karina Zurell

Team Assistant

Mohammed Omari

IT support

Mirella Homsi

Web Development

Omar Chebbo

Marketing Support

Sylvie ElMasri

Graphic Design

Carol Hamzeh

Content & Social Media

Maeve Ryan

Public Relations

Mohsin Raza

Marketing Specialist

Our multidisciplinary team at our luxury rehab and mental health clinic is specialized in treating complex issues including all kinds of substance and behavioral addictions and mental health problems such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and more.